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Videos, DVDs and Books may be checked out at any CCW meeting and returned at the following meeting. Overdue returns will be charged a late fee. Call Don Barr if you want to "reserve" a particular Video/DVD/Book for pickup at the next meeting.

NOTE: The book library is too little used and heavy to bring to every meeting. If you want to look at or check out any book please call Don Barr, Librarian, and he will bring it to the next meeting. His phone is: (805) 226-8252 and his e-mail address is: donald-barr@att.net

Avisera, Eli - Beginner Series Introduction to Tools
The Simple Candlestick
The Simple Bowl
The Simple Box
The Simple Goblet
Avisera, Eli - Intermediate Series JJ Candlesticks
The Platter
The Jerusalem Bowl
The Dreidel Box
Avisera, Eli - Advanced Series Making Segmented Blanks
Segmented and Textured Bowl
Goblet Box
Star Box
Hollow Forms
Burningham, Rex/Christensen,Kip Turning Pens 1
Turning Pens 2
Clewes, Jimmy Back to Basics
Clewes, Jimmy - Turn It On Series Disc 1 - Footless Bowl, Oriental Box, Gouge Info
Disc 2 - Ziracote Bowl, Long Stem Goblet, Preparing wood
Disc 3 - Lidded Box Using Glue Up, Footless Bowl with Silver, Using Computer Graphics
Clewes, Jimmy - Turn It Up Series Disc 1 - Hand Carved Bowl, Simple Wooden Hat, Using coloring
Disc 2 - Natural Edge Bowl, Discuss Shape and Form, Lidded Box
Disc 3 - Double Natural Edge Turning, Multi-Axis Turning
Clewes, Jimmy - Turning The World Series Norway - Wooden Spoon, Beer Bowl, Special Project
Scotland - Celtic Shield. Spurtle, Demo Pole Lathe
Las Vegas - Wooden Bangle, Hollow Form, Form and Shape
Clewes, Jimmy Turnaround - Spindle Work, Sharpening. End Grain Vase, Colored Platter
Drozda, Cindy Fabulous Finial Box
Finial Star
Ellsworth, David - Tips for Turners Disc 1 - Sharpening, Faceplates & Chucks, Open Bowl. Jam Chucks
Disc 2 - Lathe, Vacuum Chuck, Dust Collection , Lighting 
Disc 3 - Selecting Materials, Grain Orientation, Hollowing, Finishing
Disc T -Tools for Hollow Turning, Body Position, Hollowing
Jordan, John The Aesthetics and Properties of Wood
Kandler,Bill Segmented Turning - A Learning Experience
Klein, Bonnie Techniques and Projects
Turned Bowls and Other Projects
Turned Boxes and Other Projects
Turning Unusual Materials
Turned Boxes with Threaded Lids
Lacer, Alan The Skew Chisel
Mahoney, Mike Bowl Basics
From Tree To Table
Heirlooms - Making Things To Last
Hollow Forms and Urns
The McNaughton Center Saver
O'Donnell, Mike Turning Green Wood
Raffan, Richard Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan
Turning Wood with Richard Raffan
Russell, Steve Bowl Turning - Step by Step
Turning Elegant Bottle Stoppers
Turning Elegant Pens
Scobie, Neil Making An Erosion Bowl (DVD- Pal version)

Tibbets, Malcom - Segmented Turning Series
Disc 1 - Getting Started
Disc 2 - Tips, Tricks, and Feature Rings
Disc 3 - Exploring Possibilities
Woodturning Fundamentals of Sharpening
AAW Resource Directory
Step Up To The Plate
Turning For Use II
Turning 20 - Still Evolving
Turning Green
Cain, Tubal Milling Operations in the Lathe
Capotosto, Rosario 200 Original Shop Aids and Jigs
Chaddock, D.H. The "Quorn" Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder
Corkbill. Thomas Complete Dictionary of Wood
Cox, Jack Beyond Basic Turning
Darlow, Mike The Practice of Woodtruning
Ditmer. Judy Basic Bowl Turning

Guide to American Hardwoods
Holtzapffel, Charles Turning and Mechanical Manipulation
Intermediate Woodturning Projects
Kandler, Bill Segmented Turning... A Learning Experience
Segmented Project Planner (CD)
Lunde, Anders More Whirligigs - Large Scale and Animated Figures
Raffan, Richard Turning Wood with Richard Raffan
Salesian, Joshua Vacuum Kiln Drying
Sofa Collector's Choice
Spielman, Patrick Working Green Wood with PEG
Spingett, David Woodturning Full Circle
Tibbetts, Malcolm Art of Segmented Woodturning
Wilkie Woodturning In Miniature
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